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Project List

  1. Registration website. - Thiti & Shahadat
    An user can:
    • register himself.
      The form asks: first name, lastname, street address, country, telephone, email, password. All the fields are obligatory. Validation of the form must be done on the client (using Javascript) and on the server (using PHP).
    • login/logout to the his personal area.
      The user insert email and password in a login form. The check is performed using ajax (or using POST) and a PHP script. The PHP forward the user to the page in which he can edit his personal information if email/password pair is correct. Otherwise the script send back the user and print an error.
    • edit his personal information.
      Login is required to access this page! In this page the user can change his personal information.
  2. Shopping website. - Roy & Rajesh
    An user can:
    • navigate inside a catalogue of products
    • put the products inside the shopping cart and buy it
  3. Management website. - Kassim & Lilia
    An user can:
    • insert a new product inside a catalogue.
      A product has: code, name, description, price. All the fields are obligatory (check them via JS and via PHP).
    • modify products' information.
    • see the products list.
    Put a link on every row of the list to modify product's information.
  4. Organizer website. - Besem & Rabiaa
    An user can:
    • insert a task. A task has: the start date and the start time, the end date and the end time (time format 2009-01-31 19:00:00), the description of the task.
    • view the task grouped by date like an organizer do.
  5. Video Loan Library - Aymen & Oussama
    Video contents should be showed using DHTML and AJAX.
    Video and user db management should be done with PHP and MySQL
  6. Arcade machine - Rajiv Bala & Sindu & Swathi
    Write a video game like Arknoid using DHTML
    High schore should be saved to a DB using PHP and MySQL<
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